Hi, my name is Carly Katniss Greene. I’m 5 years old and training to become a certified therapy dog so I can be a companion to kids in the court process. I was born in Southern Ohio and I was there for a little while on my own as a small puppy until my humans found me and brought me to Cleveland.

I had a pretty rough start in life, but once I got to my forever home with my humans, 2 dog brothers, 2 cat brothers and 2 cat sisters, I’ve felt nothing but love and affection. And boy do I return the favor! I absolutely love giving kisses and cuddling. My favorite spot in the house is tucked right under my human’s arm to fall asleep and dream of delightful little green tennis balls and swimming in my favorite lake (I could be an Olympic gold medalist in doggy paddling, I promise!)

As a 5-year-old, there are certain things I still don’t like. For instance, it really stinks when my humans want to cut my toenails and I think bullies are really mean (I don’t mean you, bulldogs. I’ll see you next week at the park!) Whenever there are things happening that I don’t like, I could really use a friend.


That’s why I am here for you! Just like you, I had to go through many scary things on my own when I was young. When times get “ruff”, let me lend a paw to you when you’re feeling afraid. Although I can’t be your voice, I want to help you to find yours.

Oh, and I really like bacon.